Attention Restaurant Owners & Managers...
Are you ready to transform your waitstaff into service super stars?
Introducing the ONLY PROVEN SYSTEM for training your wait staff to become Super Selling Service Super Stars without increasing your F & B or labor budget and ultimately Upping your bottom line.
Dear Friend and Restaurant Operator,


That’s why I am writing you this letter.

I have been in the Restaurant business for the better part of 26 plus years, most of that time as a server. I like to enjoy the finer things in life… a nice car, nice home, great vacations, in fact, who doesn’t? But….on my server income (Let’s face it, $2.33 an hour doesn’t exactly grow the bank account).

I needed to find a way to get the things I wanted and still work in my chosen field.
I began to watch people, study people, both servers and customers alike, and learn. I read and re-read all the great books out there on Winning friends, Influencing people and being Highly Effective. I took notes on everything, the good, the bad, and the ugly and I put together a system that brought amazing results.

As I put into practice the things I learned more and more, I watched my income jump through the roof!
CASESTUDY: A tale of 2 Servers, or, How to Wait on the Customer who usually doesn't tip...
A Little Story for You

A friend of mine who owns a restaurant became ill and having some free time, I stepped in to help. Not knowing the regular customers, I didn’t know which customers were “good” tippers and which ones were “bad” tippers, so I treated them all the same and applied “The Golden Rule”, Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

One slow Wednesday evening, a particular couple came in for the Wednesday night fish fry and right away I noticed everyone complaining. No one wanted to wait on this couple. “They are horrible tippers”, and “They complain about everything” was pretty much all I heard.

I figured they couldn’t be all that bad and even if they were, they still needed to be waited on, so I stepped up to the challenge.

All during their meal I waited for the complaining to begin…it didn’t. I continued to smile and serve them the way that I like to be served. At the end of the meal not only was I told “you are the best server we have ever had” but I also received a $20 bill as a tip on a $37 plus change check. That comes to 55% of the total check! And I really didn’t do anything all that special.

I’m an average looking guy, so that wasn’t it. I didn’t perform any cartwheels, magic tricks, or amazing feats of any kind. I simply provided them with the kind of old fashioned service that makes people feel special and pampered and taken care of. This is why they went out to eat in the first place!

The Circus Has Not Come To Town!

So you see, this is not a difficult thing to accomplish nor do you have to be a genius to understand how to do it. It’s not even a secret! (Well, maybe just a little one but I’ll fill you in!) I am living proof of this! I am not part of a circus act or a model who posed as a server to earn money from my good looks.

I worked hard for my tip money and I enjoyed knowing that my regular customers appreciated the service I provided them. Many only came in to dine when I was working and specifically asked to be seated in my section.

That is one of the greatest compliments a server can receive.

I can measure my successes not only in customer comments but also in the all important dollar! Every day as a professional server, I put on my smile (whether I felt like it or not) and I served whole heartedly. I enjoyed my job and I enjoyed the people I met.
Do You Want To Know The Secret?
Good Old Fashioned Customer Service!

The kind that says, “You are Awesome! You are great!

How is it that you, this amazing VIP (Very Important Person), has come to my restaurant and is sitting at my table?”

When your wait staff makes your customers feel like that, they will see their tips go through the roof too! So you want to know how? Well, you’ve asked the right person. I can tell you how.
A Book Written Just For Your Wait Staff...
Fortunately for you, I’ve taken everything I’ve discovered and perfected in practice over the last 20 plus years and simplified it down into a quick-teaching system titled, Tips on Tips™ – How to Succeed as a Professional Server.

In Tips on Tips™ you and your wait staff get the ‘Psychology of Serving’ laid out in a simple, fun and informative way that will help them start making bigger tips as soon as they read and start applying its basic principals.

Every one of the chapters goes down deep in the trenches of waiting tables and shows how to increase tips dramatically in no time at all.

I can only begin to describe the things you’ll learn in this powerhouse of a system. For starters, your wait staff will discover...
  • The one magic word that will ‘Up’ their sales immediately!
  • The power of a good impression
  • How to approach guests with confidence
  • The 13 critical points of guest interaction (and why they are ‘critical’)
  • How to ‘Read between the lines’ with guests
  • Why 90% of communication is non-verbal (and how to watch what you’re ‘saying’)
  • What to do right when everything is going wrong
  • Why your memory is your most vital tool and how you can develop it to an almost ‘scary’ level
  • How to make your co-workers your co-hosts
  • The 7 habit of Highly Effective Servers
  • How to handle ‘problem’ customers and turn them into ‘welcome guests’
  • How to keep score of your game and win every time
  • Why Manners Matter
  • The 7 Deadly Server Sins and how to avoid them
  • The single most important word to say to your guest
  • How any waiter or waitress with common sense, a desire to succeed and a willingness to learn can excel as a professional server.
Tips On Tips
And this is only a portion of all the material covered in this one-of-a-kind training system for the serious server!

Tips on Tips™ - 100 % Guaranteed

In fact, it’s a better than risk free Guarantee. I’ll tell you why.

If within 90 days (3 whole months!) after you purchase the Tips On Tips™ System – How To Succeed As A Professional Server, you feel for any reason whatsoever that it fails to help make a dramatic, noticeable and measurable change in your servers tipped income (which will directly affect an increase in Your Bottom Line), simply send it back for a prompt and courteous refund; 100% of your purchase price. 

No questions asked!

But even if you decide to return the Tips on Tips™ System for a full refund, please keep the free bonuses #1 and #2 that are yet to be described as our special gift to you. It’s our way of thanking you for giving us a try. 

What could be more fair?

Free Bonus(es) When You Send For Your System Today

FREE BONUS #1! You will get twenty (20) sets of our 52 week Server Scorekeeper that your servers will use to ‘keep score’ of their increasing tips and help them to focus in on critical areas of performance! Value $199.40

FREE BONUS #2! You will get twenty (20) sets of my Server Signature Series focus cards that your servers will use every time they work to keep the core principles of Tips on Tips™ fresh in their minds. Value $99.40

And if you take action now and don’t delay, you will get …..

FREE BONUS #3! Two complete CD’s of the Tips on Tips™ Audio book so that you or your staff can listen to these amazing tip compounding techniques while you are driving or exercising or even at the same time you are reading along in the book! Value $39.94

You get all three of these bonuses FREE!

But I Do Have One Condition

The philosophies, principles, strategies and techniques you and your server staff will learn in Tips on Tips™ are absolutely awesome. DON’T keep them to yourself! SHARE them with your co-workers, friends, family, even your competition! You see, it’s not just about being a better waiter or waitress…it’s about being a better person. 

If you don’t want to help the folks closest to you by sharing these principles with them, don’t even bother getting this program. But if you do want to ….

How to Get Started Today

Get the complete Tips on Tips™ System for training your wait staff to become superior Servers. You will receive the following materials to get into the hands of your top 20 servers:
-Twenty (20) copies of the book
Tips on Tips –
How to Succeed as a Professional Server
20 @ 9.97= Value $199.40
-Twenty (20) copies of the Tips on Tips™ Workbook
20 @ 9.97= Value $199.40
-Twenty (20) copies of the 52 week Tip Score Keeper
20 @ 9.97= Value $199.40
-Twenty (20) sets of the Signature Server Series Reminder Cards
20 @ 4.97= Value $99.40
-Two (2) copies of the Signature Restaurant Focus Posters
2 @ 19.97= Value $39.94
-Two (2) copies of the Tips on Tips™ Trainer’s Guidebook
2 @ 99.70= Value $199.40
-Two (2) copies of the Tips on Tips™ Book on Audio CD
2 @ 19.97= Value $39.94
As you can see from the list. The value for everything here is $976.88 when priced out separately.

The REGULAR price for this program as a package would NORMALLY be $697.00 (close to a $300 package discount!!!).

However, for a limited time only, since this program is still fairly new and I really need some great feedback to fuel the fire and help a lot of restaurants to help their wait staff succeed in a huge way, I am offering a couple of absolutely crazy deals.

First off. If you promise to recommend this program to another restaurant operator friend of yours (of course you would only do so if you believed the program was incredible and helped you and your staff tremendously) then I am going to give you another $100 off the package price!!!

Secondly. If you promise to write a glowing testimonial about how the Tips on Tips™ System helped transform your wait staff into Service Superstars (of course you would only do so if you believed the program was incredible and helped you and your staff tremendously) then I am going to give you yet another $100 off the package price!!!

Your investment for the entire Tips on Tips™ system is only $497.00!!!

(That is almost a 50% discount! You save close to $500!)

You notice here that I am giving you these huge discounts up front, before you get the program, before you recommend it to others and before you write the testimonial.

The reason for this is…..I believe that you will be so impressed and so blown away by how effective and easy this program is to implement and how much it helped your staff succeed (which was directly reflected by your sales dollars as well as your gross profit) that you won’t be able to hold back from bragging it up to your fellow restaurateurs and to me.

Don’t delay.

Daniel J. Mawhinney
Professional Server, Trainer and Consultant

P.S. Just so you know, the offer for the book and related printed materials is a limited price test and could become substantially higher. Also, I can’t guarantee how long I’ll keep the Tips on Tips™ Audio CD as a bonus.

Don’t hate yourself for missing out on this no risk offer.

Act today!

No Risk Rush Request for the Tips On Tips Training System

√ Yes, Daniel, please rush me the complete Tips on Tips™ Server Training System, along with the promised free bonuses for the total price of $497.00 which includes shipping & handling. I understand that if I am not delighted with this offer that I can return it within 90 days for a prompt refund and keep the free bonuses described.
"Take the first step, no more, no less, and the next will be revealed..."
Grab Your Complete Tips On Tips Training System 
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P.S. - if you're skimming and just wanted to see what the offer was... for just $497, you're getting Danny's "Tips On Tips" complete server training system - 20 full sets of materials to train your top 20 servers...
Tips On Tips - 2014 - How To Succeed as a Professional Server
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